Ask Marlena

Marlena wants to hear your story. She’s a sensitive free spirit who’s seen it all from her extensive world travels and many years working with South Florida youth. While her advice is not a substitute for professional assessment and treatment, she has a Masters in mental health counseling and can talk about almost any situation. Just ask!
**If you are in a serious crisis or having any thoughts of suicide, please do not write. Marlena’s friends want to talk to you right away! Just dial 2-1-1 or 954-537-0211 day or night!  

Dear Marlena,

I want to be skinny like my best friend but nothing I do seems to work and I’ve tried A LOT of diets. I know I’m not eating right and my parents are starting to notice.


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Parent Guide

This booklet  is designed to help parents recognize the signs of youth violence and provides tips on how to talk to their children.

This booklet  provides a helpful guide for parents of children who have a mental health diagnosis who are seeking support and being served in our community.



Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a place for Gay, Lesbian,

Bi-Sexual, and Transgender,(GLBTQ) youth to come for support and answers. Acknowledging your sexuality is an important step toward becoming a healthy, happy adult.