My parents don’t like my boyfriend

2011/11/01 in Ask Marlena, Relationships

Dear Marlena,


My parents hate my boyfriend. I started going out with him about 7 months ago.

I didn’t tell my patents about it because they’re strict and I knew they wouldn’t like him and try and control the relationship. When my parents saw  us hanging out they started to tell me not to talk to him. That’s what they said when they thought we were friends. They didn’t like him because he smokes. I kept in with the story that were just friends. Because of this I couldn’t see him as much alot.

During the summer I asked him to come over while my mom was at work. We had sex and my mother ended up walking in on us. Now my parents hate him and don’t want me talking to him. They said I cant be with him. They watch my facebook and phone to make sure I don’t speak to him. If I do I get in serious trouble. I really love this guy. What do I do?




Dear Jasmin,

I’m glad that you wrote to us. It seems like you’re in a very difficult situation. Dating is hard enough, and it’s even harder when your parents don’t approve! While it may not be an easy fix, you may want to try communicating more with your parents about the situation. Explaining to them how you feel about your boyfriend and why you hid the relationship from them, may help both of you to understand each other better. It may not get them to let you date him, or even like him, but at least they will know how you feel. Talking to them may help!

Hopefully this works for you, Jasmin, but remember, if you ever need to talk or just have someone listen, you can give 2-1-1 a call, anytime! We’re here for you.