Words Hurt

2012/10/31 in Ask Marlena

Dear Marlena,

These boys at school keep on calling me names and telling other boys lies about me I went to the principle many times but he’s just starting to think that I’m the problem, if I argue with them I’m also considered the problem, I also try to ignore them but sometimes words hurt even if they are not true so what should I do?




Hi J.,

I can hear how stuck you must feel and how frustrating it can be that despite your best efforts, you aren’t being fully heard. There are other ways to deal with name calling and lies, which is a form of bullying, if the principal isn’t handling it. Talk to other adults in positions of authority to help stop the behavior also consider talking to a parent or a relative, your teachers, or coach. One of the most painful aspects of bullying and teasing like this is that it can be relentless. It’s good to hear you’ve been doing your best to walk away, as this shows maturity and is not a cowardly act. Walk tall and hold your head up high. Using this type of body language sends a message that you’re not vulnerable. Sooner or later the name calling will probably lessen as the bullies get bored with trying to bother you. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can stay true to yourself. Think about ways to feel your best — and your strongest. Joining a class, club, afterschool program or gym is a great way to make new friends and feel great about yourself. The confidence you gain will help you ignore the mean kids. Most importantly, talk about it. It may also help to talk to someone else such as your guidance counselor or friend about your feelings— anyone who can give you the support you need. Talking can be a good outlet for the fears and frustrations that can build when you’re being called bad names.

Some action you can take: Did you know you can also anonymously report bullying at your school here: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/siu/siunew/tips.asp and please remember to mention the details that will be helpful to stop the behavior happening at your school.

For more information on visit: http://www.browardprevention.org/anti-bullying/

Best of luck and if you ever need to talk, just call us anytime here at 2-1-1.