About Us

2-1-1 Youth Services

2-1-1 is a confidential, easy to remember number for youth to call to receive information, crisis intervention and non-judgmental listening services to help them sort through the issues of adolescence and young adulthood. Specially trained counselors at 2-1-1 will listen to the concerns of each caller and provide them with support and information about the most appropriate community resource to best meet the unique needs of each child, youth or teen.

For help with school issues, parents, foster families, self- esteem, relationship problems, sexuality, health concerns or any other teen related issue, call 2-1-1 or 954-567-0211

Teenspace2-1-1 Informational Messages

Alibrary of 79 informational, messages on topics of concern to teens including relationships, school, careers, drugs and alcohol, pregnancy, sexuality, dealing with siblings, parents, friends, and more. Click here for a list of topics and codes.
Call 2-1-1 and ask for Teen Tapes or call 954-537-0211

TeenSpace 211

TeenSpace211 is an interactive website for teens looking for information, support, and resources to help cope with today’s tough teen issues. It is a confidential resource for teens to feel free to explore any topic and to creatively express their emotions and solutions through stories, poems and art. TeenSpace 211’s mission is to assist and support teens with everyday concerns, and empower them with information and options.