My parents don’t like my boyfriend

2011/11/01 in Ask Marlena, Relationships

Dear Marlena,   My parents hate my boyfriend. I started going out with him about 7 months ago.

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Your Attitude

2011/07/26 in Health, Relationships

If your parents complain about your attitude, or say that you don’t show them enough respect, you know it can cause problems for you.

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Regaining Parent’s Trust

2011/07/26 in Relationships

If you’ve lost your parent’s trust, the situation at home could be pretty bad. You may have been grounded, or lost some privileges, but that’s not the worst of it.

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Problems Over Drugs

If you and your parents are hassling over drugs, maybe it’s because they’ve just learned of your drug use and are scared and angry. Or, perhaps they’ve heard that the people you hang with are into drugs and think you are, too.

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Problems Over Smoking

If your parents are hassling you about smoking cigarettes, it may be a real bummer for you. Parents today are supposedly more worried about their kids smoking pot.

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Parent Options for Ungovernable Children

Is your child skipping school, running away, sneaking out and breaking all the rules?

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Coping With Parent’s Drinking

Living with a parent who has a drinking problem can be really rough on you – and the rest of the family. In this tape, we’ll try to help you deal with some of the feelings you may be having about your parent’s drinking. We’ll also suggest some things you can do to try to cope with this situation.

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2011/07/06 in Relationships

We all need someone who understands us like nobody else does. Someone we can be ourselves with and feel comfortable with.

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Coping With Rules

Has this ever happened to you? You want to go somewhere with your friends, and your parents say, “No way” – without giving you a reason except “Because we say so, that’s why!”

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Fighting With Brother Or Sister

2011/07/05 in Relationships

Fighting with your brothers and sisters is bad enough. But when you get into constant hassles with your parents because of it, life at home can be a real bummer.

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