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1. Click  HERE and search our comprehensive database.
2. Choose from a list of alphabetized keywords
3. CMH is Children’s Mental Health Referrals and CSA are Substance Abuse Listings

Dial 2-1-1 for immediate 24-hour support. Use the link above to find referrals for:

-Case Management
-Crisis Stabilization
-Day Treatment
-Family Support
-Home Based Services
-Inpatient Hospitalization
-Other Mental Health
-School Based Services
-Services for Victims of Sexual Offenses
-Therapeutic Foster Care
-Transitional Services

YOUTH M.O.V.E Broward  

We asked teens at OCP2 what they might search for and also what their parents might search when dealing with a young person in crisis. If you found your child is in need of support, please dial our 24-hour helpline at 954-369-INFO. 

“My child suffers from the nerves
“My child took a lot of pills”
“My child throws things and does not do his work”
“My child is acting out”
“My child has a hex on them, seeing demons/spirits”
“My child needs to grow up, immature, angry, disrespectful, sleeping too much, lazy”