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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Why do you drink?

Facts about drugs

Drug dependency

Combining alcohol & other drugs

Alcohol & Pregnancy

Health and Abuse

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)



Skin problems

Dating violence & Abuse

Rape & Prevention

Sexual abuse: Is someone touching you?

What to do if abused


Growing up female

Growing up male

Sex & Love


Birth Control & Pregnancy

Birth control information

Birth control myths

Becoming pregnant

Am I pregnant?

My Girlfriend is Pregnant

Telling parents you’re pregnant

Keeping the baby?

Adoption information


Feeling lonely?

Nobody cares about you?

Others date but not you?

Important to be popular?

Successful relationships

Arguments with friends

Going steady

Surviving a breakup

Dealing with rejection


Dealing With Feelings

Handling your anger

Handling stress

Dealing with shyness

Feeling really down?

Unhappy with your looks?

Tough being a teen

Coping with death

Helping a suicidal friend

Thinking of suicide?

Family Concerns

Getting parents to listen

No communication with parents

Regaining parent’s trust

Fighting with brother or sister

Running away?

Coping with parent’s drinking

Coping with parent’s divorce

When your parents remarry

Dealing With Rules

Coping with rules

Problems over smoking

Problems over drugs

Your “attitude”

Treated like a child?

Is shoplifting stealing?

School, Career & Life

Pressure to cheat

Communicating with teacher

Dislike your teacher?

Gangs & Violence

Person you’d like to be

Get more out of life

Choosing a career

Moving out?